Change Is Sad But Good

Oh, friends, I’m sitting here in the farmhouse kitchen before 5am, awake extra early because Milo woke . . . and because I knew I needed to tell you all something today.

We have decided to sell the farm. We have poured our hearts, souls, and quite a bit of sweat into this 15 acres of beauty, and we are so sad to leave it. But it is time.

We are sad. . . it’s never easy to let go of something you love . . . but we are also excited about what this new margin, these new pockets of nothing, will mean in our lives. More writing for me. More car adventures for Philip. More outings and activities for us as a family.

Making Room

Lately, I’ve felt – Philip too – simply overwhelmed by the work that this place requires when that work is stacked with our full-time jobs and the delight (and challenges) of raising an almost one-year-old. We have decided to scale back, to seek a place that requires less upkeep, and to let the business of farming be something we tried.

We will be in the area, and we will be praying that a farmer buys this place and loves it well. It happened at the first God’s Whisper, and I’m confident it can happen here again.

Finding New Homes

One of the hardest parts of this decision is that we know we need to find homes for some of our animals. If you know anyone who would like to buy a small herd of six goats or might want a pair of Nigerian Dwarf, Cashmere, or Myotonic Fainting Goats for their farm (to be bred and milked, raised for fiber, or simply as pets – we won’t sell to a meat farmer for obvious reasons), we’d love to hear from them. We will only sell the girls in pairs, and of course we’d prefer to sell the herd together. Let me know if you’d like more details.

We are also looking to find good homes for the 12 pullets we have just added here. They are healthy, beautiful girls. (All girls, we’re pretty sure.) They are heritage breeds and all good layers. Some of them even have feathered legs, so you can enjoy chickens in chaps. Again, let us know if you’d like more details.

Plus, of course, we need to find our new home. We’ve contacted a real estate agent to help us with the process of buying and selling. Hold us up during this process, will you?

What Will Continue

The writer’s retreat is still happening here in less than a month. (We have 10 spaces left if you’d like to join us.) And I’m hopeful we may find a new location and continue it for many years to come.

The farm stand will remain open until we need to pack it up, and we’ll have eggs and produce as available. However, we are no longer accepting book donations. Please donate them to the local library, donate them to the MESA thrift store, or take them to the Share Shed at the transfer station, where they find great homes.

Ways You Can Help

We have a BIG task ahead of us, so we could use your help in a few ways:

  • Please let us know if you hear of anyone who would like to buy our goats or pullets. (We are taking the full-grown birds with us.)
  • Please come get books from the Little Free Library and enjoy them.
  • Please join us on June 8th for a massive, massive yard sale. We’ll have some furniture, lots of housewares, and more. Milo will be one day short of a year old, so he’ll be receiving his adoring public all day, except during his nap. Doors open at 8am, and everything must go.
  • Accept our deep, deep, deep gratitude for the ways you have rallied around this few acres of quiet. We will miss you all so.

So much love to all of you. So much love.

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20 thoughts on “Change Is Sad But Good

  1. You guys are amazing. I can see how this would be overwhelming and hope that you find a new place that brings some peace and that this can be a bittersweet, but good, chapter ending in your lives!!

  2. I am happy for you. This is a good decision. You are putting appropriate priorities first: yourself and your family. I never understood how you could manage all your responsibilities. Admittedly, I am not nearly so fond of farms as you are.

    Given your description of your decision and the relevant factors, I think you are doing the right thing. And, even if you decide to buy another farm in the future, this is still the correct decision for the present.

    Milo matters.

  3. I can for sure take some of the pullets – 3 or 4 is ideal but I can take up to 6 – I have a dozen hens and most are older so some younger girls will be fun and eventually productive for eggs~! See what other interest you have…..if someone wants the full dozen I am perfectly fine with that!!

    best wishes for your new endeavors!!

  4. oh Andi, I know you two love this place and the memories that have been created. But, more importantly I understand the downsizing/change. Sounds that a good move for your family. Ya’ll come on home to Fluvanna.

  5. We consider you both as some of our best friends! I know what you mean about the overwhelming work of farm life. In one way it seems sad you have decided to sell, but in the other we are happy for you to have more time together doing what you like and more time spent with Milo. I hope we can stay connected through your newsletter. I hope you can maintain your signature name of “God’s Whisper Farm.” I assume you will keep the dogs? We are left with only good memories of our times spent together. May God bless your home! The Martin’s

  6. I understand completely and made a similar transition last year. It’s hard to let go, especially when it’s something you’ve enjoyed, and I hope someone else does buy the farm and keep it going. I’ve so enjoyed your posts from God’s Whisper Farm, but look forward to more writing from you and I’m grateful you’ll have more time for that and your family.

  7. I had the feeling you guys were going to let go of the farm. Bittersweet, yes, but necessary for the next stage of growth. I pray that you find the perfect home and the farm finds the perfect owner. Let us all know how we can support you. I wish I was there to help and I’d love to see what you’re selling at your garage sale. I have the feeling, just from looking over your shoulder, that we have similar tastes. Back when I was much younger, I wanted to live on a farm and I love things made of natural fibers and wood. Hugs for you, Phillip and Milo. Love, Fran

  8. If I were closer I’d gladly take fainting goats. We have Nigerian dwarfs now. I love my fuzzy kids! Best of luck to y’all!

  9. Wow. I feel a jumble of emotions just reading this so I cannot imagine what it’s like for you! May the Lord provide new homes for all, including your creatures.

  10. I can’t imagine how hard this must be. I’ve watched your journey over this past year. You have been an inspiration to me as I pursue my own writing journey.

    I pray your farm will sell quickly and that you will find the perfect home for you and your family.

    Thank you for being my “Virtual but Very Real Friend”
    Linda Fode
    Calgary, Alberta

  11. I can feel both your joy and sorrow, Andi. These decisions are never easy to make. Always better to try something than to wonder about it, and you guys certainly gave farming your whole heart. Like you say, life will open up new pockets of space for all of you. Hello to new adventures!

  12. Wishing you and your family all the best, you shared some beautiful moments, photos, stories with us, and now you have a new adventure ahead of you. I totally agree it’s a wonderful decision. I know you will miss the farm. I would miss mine to if I chose to leave.
    I’m sure you will have beautiful future memories.

  13. There is a beautiful place inside each of us where dreams flourish. What a delight and exquisite pain to move from one to another. You’ve been generous to share your farm life. I, for one, look forward to the next part. God is always about change. And growth. Prayers of blessing for all the hurdles and valleys on the journey to your new home. Life is but a dream.

    1. Hi Gwen. We actually already sold the pullets, but we do have full-grown birds that we are selling. If you or someone you know is interested, let me know.

      And feel free to email us at [email protected] to get quotes on the goats and birds, too. Thanks.

  14. Andi, I have enjoyed living the farm-life vicariously through what you have shared and have referenced your animals in a number of conversations with others! Best wishes on the next chapter in your lives!

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