On Freezing Rain and Shifting Suns

On Freezing Rain and Shifting Suns

This morning, the walnut outside the dining room window where I’m writing is starting to be glazed with ice. We’ve had freezing rain for several hours now, and this tree has made the call to stop warming its tips, it seems.

Freezing rain is one of those between things – not quite rain and not quite snow – and today, it has slicked the deck and grass enough to really slow me down. That’s a gift, a hard one to see but a gift nonetheless.

I’m a fan of the between – the liminal as the romantics would call it. I love the time around sunrise and sunset, the way the light slants then, the gentle shifting of the sun around our planet. I’ve never liked waking to the bright of morning or going to bed in the dead of night. I prefer to walk through the transitions and take them as my cue.

But that’s not true, always, of the way I take to the shifting of life. I bristle against the way Milo’s needs challenge my own comfort, and I did the same when Philip and I married. It takes a lot for me to let go of my selfishness and understand that I will probably not have many days when I can simply binge watch anything I want for an entire afternoon.

I learn, though, when I stop resisting and let the shifts carry me, that those betweens, those moments just after our early sunset when Milo is so sleepy that even a sigh can make him laugh, those are the precious times. The way he leans his cheek against mine when I lift him from the crib before sunrise. The gentle settling back in as Philip returns from loading the wood stove.  Those moments, the small ones that exist almost between the things we notice, they are the breath of life.

So today, as the walnut grows every more decorated with ice, I am celebrating the between of this water that is not yet snow and not still rain. I am taking it as all things are intended when they come from good hands – as gift.

May the gifts of the between reach into your soft spaces today, friends.

We hope you’ll join us for our Holiday Craft Fair on Saturday, December 1 from 9am-4pm. Dad made coffee tables from beautiful walnut, and our friend Sue from Thistle and Stag Meadery will be here with samples. Plus, we have lots of handmade bowls, boxes, scarves, and walking sticks that are perfect for someone in your life.

Holiday Craft Fair at God's Whisper Farm
A live-edge coffee table handmade by Woody Cumbo

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2 thoughts on “On Freezing Rain and Shifting Suns

  1. I can relate to this, Andi.

    My husband used to say “Never an idle moment!” and though he knew that isn’t possible, he tried to have as few as possible.

    My response was “Life happens in the idle moments!” and he’s grow to agree with me.

    Those in between moments, those times when the world and we are not quite one thing or the other are definitely magical and blessed. May you have many of them and continue to treasure each one.

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