Yarn and Wood – The Treasure of the Handmade

Wood and Yarn - The Treasure of the Handmade
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I don’t know if you guys watched it this summer, but I fell in love with the TV show Making It! about people who made amazing things by hand – puppet theaters and star-gazing cabins, handmade wedding arbors and fascinating photo albums. I watched – not as someone who wanted to do those things – but as someone who knows the joy of making things with her hands.  (I also watched because I love Nick Offerman and came to love Amy Poehler more and more.)

But the show was just the TV version of the appreciation of artisan work that I’ve had since I was a kid. My mom and dad made a lot of things when I was a kid, and they taught me to do the same. Dad sat us down with soapstone blocks and taught us to carve them, and Mom put a need and  Aida fabric in my still-clumsy fingers to show me how to cross-stitch. I watched my dad use railroad ties to build an elaborate rock garden, and my mom crafted beautiful wreaths from dried flowers.  They modeled for me that working with your hands – even in a small scale – is a work of commitment and creativity.

Now, when I pick up a crochet hook or needle, I treasure those memories with them, and I know that when I have the opportunity to buy something that someone else has handmade, I am supporting them not only financially but creatively.  (I also know that we often under-pay for work that takes many, many hours to create, and I find that very sad.)  There’s nothing better, to me, than handmade gifts.

So it’s always with great joy and excitement that I plan our annual craft fair here at the farm.  This year, we’re having our show just in time for the last weeks of holiday shopping – December 1. The barn doors will open at 9am, and we’ll have hand-crafted coffee tables and coat hangers, crocheted scarves and onesies, handmade walking sticks and much more (including cross-stitch Christmas items if I can get my fingers going.)*  Plus, we’ll have the woodstove going and hot cider for the sharing.  It’s going to be a lovely day.

Plan on stopping by and doing a little shopping and a little visiting.  Your children are welcome to visit with our animals, and you can take a walk round the farm if you’d like.  We hope to see you December 1 between 9am and 4pm in the barn.  

*We would love to have you join us as an artisan if you have handmade wares to sell.  Just email [email protected] to get the details.

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